Thursday, 15 March 2012

Best HYIP program with compounding & daily payments

Justbeenpaid is the best hyip program that’s indefinitely sustainable.It has a track record of 1year of successful payments.With membership base of over 30k ,and 8000 joining daily.

 I would suggest you get in early before the masses and grow your accounts to maximize your online income.

Well what do you get by joining Justbeenpaid?

All new members get a free $10 loan to start of learning the program
You can ask your questions in the Daily Web conferences which are 24x7 online,with over 5-10 moderators and 1 speaker to answer your doubts about the Justbeenpaid program.

About my income by joining  Justbeenpaid

I am a member of Justbeenpaid ,I initially deposited $480 and  earning a steady income of around $10 and growing it daily by compounding.

At the time of writing this post ,I have nearly 48 tripler positions ,giving me $9.6 daily upto 75 days.Plus with daily compounding of my earning  I will be able to remove my seed money in 2-3 months and play with the profit of Justbeenpaid system.

My strategy at Justbeenpaid

It is  good to purchase tripler positions in multiples of 4 i.e. 4,8,12,16….. .So whenever I get $40+ in my account I purchase 4 triplers =$40 ,this 4 triplers gives me a free  1 jss position in jss-synergy surf which gives me a profit of $60.
Here is the screenshot of my back office from my Justbeenpaid account:
Justbeenpaid Proof from my back office


What you need to do to Start earning immediately with Justbeenpaid

 You need to only buy triplers @$10 per tripler position and you get $15 after that tripler position expires.You can initially compound your earnings to get your daily income to $10per day or $100 per day or more…

Justbeenpaid-How to buy tripler positions from richard fernz on Vimeo.

About deposits and withdrawals
Justbeenpaid supports Alertpay(recommended),SolidTrustPay,PerfectMoney,LibertyReserve for tripler Purchases.Minimum required for withdrawal is only $20.All payments are made within 24-36 hours.

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